Lieu du projet : Bernin
Période : 2016-2019
Donneur d'ordre : Soitec
Mission : Project management
Montant des travaux : //

Soitec has entrusted ATRIX's teams with the construction of a new building in Isère, including the following missions :

  • Integration of new microelectronic equipment
  • Increase of the capacity of some utilities
  • Redundancy of certain installations and energy optimization

Installation of an 80,000m3/h air handling unit and its chamber / Paralleling of all existing B1 and B2 air handling units
Upgrading of the existing PCW installation in the basement of the K-building and realization of a second installation of 40 m3/h.
Upgrade REC30/31/32/33 Building C basement Site supervision
Replacement of a chilled water unit in the cold room – Building E Bernin 1 sites

  • HVAC Production and distribution of chilled and hot water
  • Upgrade of the effluent treatment installations
  • Distribution of fluids
  • High and low voltage electricity
  • Regulation and control
  • Hook-up
  • Structural work Steel structure
  • Masonry