Lieu du projet : Marcoule Centre
Période : 2018 - 2024
Donneur d'ordre : CEA
Mission : Complete project management (GMES)
Montant des travaux : between €50 and 100 million

The inventory of solid irradiating waste carried out by the CEA has identified irradiating waste without outlets, waste to be produced in the next 30 years, resulting from the dismantling or operation of civil CEA installations. Given the quantities of waste identified, it was decided to build a storage facility dedicated to this waste on the CEA Marcoule site.

The DIADEM project thus has the following main functions:

  • Receiving and interfacing the type B transport packages with the facility
  • transferring the irradiating waste packages into shielded cells
  •  Permanently screwing and remotely sanitise the waste packages to be stored
  •  Handling of the waste packages to the storage facility by means of a shielded hood under a handling gantry
  • Vertical storage of the waste packages in metal racks inside ventilated cells, ensuring the evacuation of residual thermal power and radiolysis gases and guaranteeing dynamic containment

The project is carried out in the form of a complete project management including all tasks from the preliminary design studies to the assistance to the acceptance operations of the installation. ATRIX is responsible for the mechanical and nuclear handling work packages, shielded cell equipment, waste and effluents, storage racks and radiological monitoring. Specific safety missions (all the analyses and the preparation of safety reports submitted to the ASN) were also carried out by ATRIX.

  • Design of nuclear handling systems for irradiated waste
  • Remote operation
  • Docking management ensuring continuity of containment and biological protection of the handling kinematics of radioactive waste packages
  • Seismic strength calculations for equipment
  • Safety analyses (all internal and external nuclear and non-nuclear risks).