Lieu du projet : Grenoble
Période : 2016-2019
Donneur d'ordre : ESRF – European Synchrotron Radiation Facility
Mission : Project management
Montant des travaux : Between 500K and 1 M€

The ATRIX teams were commissioned by ESRF for the Cryo-EM TITAN KRIOS project.

The objective of the project was to carry out the design studies for the creation of a clean room for the installation of an electron microscope and related technical premises & Project ID24 HPLF1. The project also included the creation of a cabin for the installation of a Laser on the ID24 light line.

Temperature control at approximately 20°C with slow variation
Humidity control
Low noise level (impact on the process)
Dust control: ISO 8

  • Air treatment and chilled water
  • Structure and partitioning
  • Fluids: compressed air, nitrogen
  • Support