Lieu du projet : CNPE Bugey
Période : 2008 - 2019
Donneur d'ordre : EDF
Mission : Engineering subcontracting of GMES Design Construction
Montant des travaux : > €200 M

EDF, during the operation of the 900-1300 MWe PWR power plants and as part of the dismantling program for the first-generation nuclear power plants* and of Creys-Malville, produces or is about to produce activated waste.
This waste required the implementation of a process for its management, pending its final outlet (see CIGEO). The method chosen is centralised and is embodied in the ICEDA (Installation de Conditionnement et d'Entreposage des Déchets Activés).

  • The treatment of waste from operating and dismantling plants,
  • The conditioning of “B”, “A” and “A deferred” waste in ICEDA storage packages,
  • Storage of the various waste storage packages for a defined period,
  • The evacuation of the waste packages to their final disposal site.

The project is being carried out on a design/build basis by a consortium of constructors. ATRIX (via its subsidiary ATR Ingénierie) was involved in the nuclear process in shielded cells, the collection and management of radioactive effluents, radiological monitoring and the preparation of analyses and safety documents.
* Brennilis, Bugey 1, St Laurent A1 and A2, Chinon A1, A2 and A3, Chooz A