The health sector is at the heart of current debates with this pandemic which has triggered numerous emergency plans. Of course, this pandemic risk must be put into perspective with the many other challenges facing the sector: an ageing population, dependency, an increase in chronic diseases, inequality of access to care, humanitarian issues, etc.

In this context of growing demand and in order to meet the new expectations of patients and users, the ambitious recovery plans implemented will allow the reconfiguration of organisations, services, technical platforms, reception and accommodation structures, digital solutions, environmental approaches, etc.
At the same time, advances in research and the development of new treatments have been greatly enriched and accelerated in recent years. Whether in terms of diagnosis (very high performance imaging, interfacing with Artificial Intelligence and Big Data, continuous collection and monitoring of patients' physiological data, decoding of DNA, connected health, etc. ), the proposed therapeutic arsenal (Innovative Therapy Medicines, Immunotherapy, DNA sequencing, new chemo- and radio-therapies, tailor-made medicines, nanotechnologies, new molecules and modes of action on cells, regenerative medicine, messenger RNA,... ), or techniques and methods of implementation (new surgical techniques and new medical devices, robotisation and miniaturisation of interventions, ambulatory or remote treatments, hyperspecialisation of surgeons/operating blocks and densification of flows, combination of invasive methods and alternative medicine, automation and adaptation of central pharmacies to the patient ), these advances require the hospital world to evolve in depth, both in terms of the transition from curative to preventive (and predictive) medicine, and in terms of the means and infrastructures that it must henceforth have.


Our group has all the skills to meet the challenges of the sector. ATRIX has been working for several decades as a project manager for all the players in the sector: public or private health establishments (hospitals, hospital technical platforms, central pharmacies, MCO clinics, psychiatric clinics, SSR, rehabilitation centres) and establishments in the health and social sector (retirement homes, facilities for the disabled, etc.)
With a constantly renewed hospital culture, knowledge of the latest hospital technologies, mastery of the regulatory context (NFS standards, Good Hospital Practice, requirements of the HAS, ARS and ANSM, etc.), and mindful of the human dimension and social issues related to the sector, ATRIX puts its experience at the service of patients, caregivers and managers. While taking into account functional constraints, the Group translates the values of its clients into its technical and architectural creations. Aware that Health is a sector in perpetual change, ATRIX is also a ferryman and accompanies its clients on contemporary challenges such as sustainable development, adaptability, evolutivity...

Through its history of intervention and its process of capitalising on experience, ATRIX has organised its offer to serve

Hospitals & Clinics – new and extensions
New activities
Consultations, Laboratories
Imaging and analysis
Operating theatres, technical platforms, recovery rooms (SSPI)
Specialised units, sterile rooms
Central pharmacies
Logistics and general services
Utility buildings
Social and tertiary buildings
In each of these environments, the group has specific skills and experts in permanent contact with their counterparts at our customers’ sites. In particular, the presence within the group of a laboratory division capable of controlling, analysing and qualifying Controlled Atmosphere Zones, enables us to provide our clients and their projects with our expertise in the measurement and control of microbiological contamination, a particularly sensitive subject in hospitals, which we monitor in collaboration with the hygienists and QSE managers of the organisations concerned.

The atrix offer
A complete offer adapted to health establishments

Drawing on all of the group’s expertise, our architects and project engineers manage our project management, project management assistance and engineering operations integrated into design and construction contracts. ATRIX is thus able to commit to results objectives in terms of performance, costs and schedules.

Development plan
Feasibility study
Preliminary design
Building Permit
Project management
Follow-up of the implementation
Commissioning assistance
Qualification according to Good Hospital Practice
Ergonomics & Workstation optimisation


Through its business divisions, ATRIX offers a complete range of advice and expertise adapted to the healthcare sector. The interventions are part of framework contracts or specific missions, the conclusions of which provide the necessary insights for the arbitrations that the prescribers of the ATRIX group wish to carry out.